Day: June 16, 2013

Militant attacks test the new Pakistan government

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Islamic militants blew up a bus carrying female university students in Baluchistan Province in southwestern Pakistan on Saturday and then attacked a hospital complex where the wounded had been taken and local officials had gathered to comfort them, leaving at least 23 people dead. Militants first […]

Europe’s reluctant hegemon

Source: The Economist: From the football pitch to politics to the economy, Germany has become Europe’s most powerful country. Described by this newspaper as the sick man of Europe in 1999, Germany now appears to have the continent’s strongest as well as its biggest economy. It accounts for a fifth […]

As the US wants to arm ‘nice Syrian rebels’ we must remind ourselves that weapons are not just guns. They are about money – Hardware will end up in the hands of al-Qa’ida, says Robert Fisk

Tosh! That’s the only sane reaction to the White House’s announcement that America the Brave is to arm the Syrian rebels. The US doesn’t plan to send weapons to the horrid rebels, mark you – not to the al-Qa’ida-inspired al-Nusra Front whose chaps film themselves eating Alawites for YouTube videos, […]