Day: June 1, 2013

Anti-Shariah Movement Gains Success in the US

Huff Post: By Omar Sacirbey Religion News Service (RNS) When Oklahoma voters overwhelmingly approved a 2010 ballot measure that prohibits state courts from considering Islamic law, or Shariah, the Council of American-Islamic Relations filed a lawsuit within two days challenging the constitutionality of the measure, and won. But when Oklahoma […]

Hearts of peace

Calgary Herald: by Salman Khan. It has become more and more apparent why the true and peaceful teachings of Islam need to be spread, because it is Muslims themselves who need reformation, not Islam. Re: “Soldier-killing suspect linked to al-Qaeda ally,” May 27, and “Tenth suspect arrested in terrorist murder […]

Reflect Atheists in a More Positive Light

Huff Post: by Chris Stedman. “I’m actually an atheist.” And then she added: “You know, I don’t blame anybody for thanking the Lord.” In a couple of short sentences, Vitsmun delivered two equally powerful messages: that she was not embarrassed by her atheism, and that she respected her religious friends […]

Who Owns God?

Huff Post: T. Sher Singh. I, for one, would welcome some prayer, any prayer, even the Lord’s Prayer — a Christian observance — in preference to NO prayer. All I can say to my friend is this: Closed minds can do much harm to us all. Let’s open them — […]