Day: June 9, 2013


Epigraph: “Has the story of Abraham’s honored guests reached thee?  When they entered upon him and said, ‘Peace!’ he said, ‘Peace!’ They were all strangers.  And he went quietly to his household, […]

How to destroy the future: From the Cuban missile crisis to a fossil fuels frenzy, the US is intent on winning the race to disaster by Noam Chomsky

What is the future likely to bring? A reasonable stance might be to try to look at the human species from the outside. So imagine that you’re an extraterrestrial observer who is trying to figure out what’s happening here or, for that matter, imagine you’re an historian 100 years from […]

Malaysia: NGO lodges report against two for allegedly insulting Prophet Muhammad and police

Source: GEORGE TOWN: The 1Malaysia Cyber Movement lodged a police report Saturday against two individuals who made statements which allegedly insulted Prophet Muhammad and the Royal Malaysia Police. Its president, Mohamad Sharom Rahman, lodged the report with a committee member at the Bayan Baru Police Station at 3pm. Mohamad Shahrom […]