Muslim extremists attack Christian village in South Punjab, Pakistan


Lahore: April 27, 2013. (PCP) According to sources of CLAAS, it was informed late evening on April 26, 2012 about the uprising situation of Christians in the village chack no. 31/10-R, District Khanewal near Multan. A Christian named Samuel Masih was brutally injured as he got fire in his neck. A Muslim named Mohammad Yousaf died at the spot while Mohammad Iqbal, and few Christians were seriously injured and police shifted them to the District Hospital Katcha Kho for the quick first aid.

The village Chack no. 31/10-R was populated with only Christian residents earlier and the Christians were land lords. They are still landlords and working in fields and cultivating the crops in all seasons. Few Christians left to the cities and some other places after they got educated for their work and business, they sell out their lands to the Muslims and Muslims has also encroached their lands. At the moment there are only 50-60 Christian families living among Muslim masses.


It is to inform you that on February 06, 1997 the same incident happened in Shanti Nagar when Muslims extremists’ burn down 850 Christian houses and demolished the whole village at once including 13 churches from different denominations. The village Chack no. 31/10-R is nearby the Shanti Nagar at about the difference of 10-15 kilometers.


Sources informed that there was a dispute among Mohammad Yousaf and Samuel Masih in the morning of April 26, 2013. They both are formers and had Piece of land where they cultivate crops. Now it is wheat season and the crop is ready to cut. Samuel Masih wanted to cut his wheat and Mohammad Yousaf forced him to take his thrasher on rent, but Samuel Masih took some other’s thresher. On this minor thing they had a severe dispute; someone informed police by call on 1-5 and the Station House Officer from the local Police Station Katcha Kho intervened and asked both parties for compromise and the matter was solved for the time being.
In the same evening about 30 -40 armed Muslims attacked on Christians in their village, they suddenly opened fire on Christians and Samuel Masih received bullet in his neck and got seriously injured. When Christians saw this situation they also bring out their weapons and started firing in their defense and Mohammad Yousaf got fire and died at the spot while Mohammad Iqbal was seriously injured and there were few other Christians and Muslims who got injured and shifted to the District Hospital Katcha Kho by the local police who arrived on time at the spot.

When Muslims saw Mohammad Yousaf died at the spot they became furious and started firing on the Christians houses and they threatened to burn the houses of Christians like Badami Bagh Lahore. Therefore a big number of police and Rangers/police reached at the spot to help and secure the people in the village. DPO Multan and Khanewal police is cooperative with Christians and provided security, they have seized the village. Police has asked Christians to vacant houses and shifted women, children and men to the safe place as it is threat from Muslims to burn Christian’s houses.

CLAAS fact finding team including Mr. Asher Sarfraz Field Officer, Mr. Tahir Bashir Advocate High Court (CLAAS) and Ms. Huma Lucas left to the incident place on Saturday, morning April 27, 2013 and after collecting the real facts behind this heinous dispute we will report in detail.

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