Former far-right Dutch politician converts to Islam


Source: onislam.

AMSTERDAM – A leading member in far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders’ party has reverted to Islam after an extensive study about the Islamic religion and Muslims.

“I can understand people are skeptic, especially that it is unexpected for many of them,” Arnoud Van Doorn told Al-Jazeera English satellite channel


The Muslim Times’ Chief Editor’s comment:

The following document is reproduced from  Arnoud Van Doorn’s Twitter account:

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  1. Islam corrects the previous Abrahamaic religions as their scholars change the content. That’s why none of the original verses can be seen as nobody able to memorize and old writings cease to exist.

  2. God has gradually completd the religion. so the prophet came one after the other in this world with the message of their creator, Allah, to mankind. So it is not surprising if one studies the real teaching of the religion and finds oneself satisfied and accept the religion. I also request you to study yourself the true teachings of Islam and compre it with other religions with neutral approach.

  3. Allah swt ‘s relegion which is islam will reach everyone , the sincere heart will accept it and the wickeds will reject it. Anyone with good heart will be guided to the truth by Allah swt

  4. Not many but few go in search of truth. The problem arises when truth comes face to face with them. That is the difficult time.
    To be or not to be, that is the question (Shakspeare)
    The first step, i.e. believeing, admitting the truth is most important. Then the person starts on another journey of righteous path. Dutch person of bless soul has come over to the right side. May Allah bless him to keep working on the right side peacefully. Ameen. There may be much more yet to go…

  5. Dear Readers.
    Islam is not a new religion. Islam is the only religion which was started from the very first day Human Being was created. As the human being continued to progress in its humanity levels, so the religion continued to progress. The earlier names given to religion are based on the names of Prophets or tribes. The basic teaching remained the same. When God perfected the religion, God also declared it as Islam…a religion of Peace and for Peace. Thus all religions are basically same as they are from the same Creator of Universe, you may call him, God, Allah, Yohova, Krishin, Ram….He is the One who is the Universal Creator of Life and universe.

  6. Dear Tarkan & All Other Readers
    Above All Replays are form Muslim people…..
    If u want to know about ISLAM..??I would like to Suggest u all that Plzzzz READ THE HOLY BOOK OF ISLAM >>>>>>THE AL-QURAN <<<<<< that is the lest HOLY BOOKS FORM GOD, after then u should compare with others HOLY BOOK FORM GOD. After than u gets the answer of this question below …….How can someone revert to a religion that was created after other religions?

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