‘Outrage’, indeed!

Source: ET

We were ‘outraged’ by the killing of well over a hundred — we’ll never know the exact number — Hazara Shia, including women and old men and little children, slaughtered in a massive explosion caused by an estimated 1,000 kilogrammes of explosives in Hazara Town, Quetta, where they have ghettoised themselves thinking they’ll be safer there than in the homes they were born in and grew up in elsewhere in the city.

We were ‘outraged’, because just weeks earlier, over eighty — we’ll never know the exact number — of these same poor folk, including women and old men and children, were massacred in the Alamdaar Road area of Quetta in another blast, this time caused by around a similar amount of explosives.

We were so ‘outraged’ that there were protest demonstrations, according to a major English newspaper of the country: “from Karachi to Parachinar, and Hyderabad to Multan, Rawalpindi and Islamabad”. I only went to the dharna at the Governor’s House in Lahore on Tuesday, February 19, where the extent of the Lahoris’ ‘outrage’ was a gathering of at most 3,000 protesters; oh all right, 4,000, mostly Shia. And this, just a day after another atrocity against our Shia brethren in Lahore: the point-blank shooting of eminent eye surgeon, and from all accounts, great human being, Dr Ali Hyder and his 12-year old son, Ali Murtaza (RIP). Shame on us.


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