‘They Will Give In’: Turkey Pressures Germany on EU Accession

Source: Spiegel

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan and German Chancellor Merkel in Berlin last fall.ZoomTurkish Prime Minister Erdogan and German Chancellor Merkel in Berlin last fall.

A European commissioner’s remark that Germany and France would one day come crawling “on their knees” begging Turkey to join the EU has miffed Berlin and thrilled Ankara. As German Chancellor Merkel prepares for a visit to Turkey, the country is pushing for concessions.


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  1. In my humble opinion Turkey should not only abandon its desire to join EU but should never think of joining EU. Turkey is much better and stronger outside EU and besides have the freedom from all the unnecessary EU taxes and beurocratic laws interfering with your own country’s laws thus losing freedom of your country to make its own laws.

    When the UK was outside EU, there was no VAT. The only taxes people paid was income tax of 27% with 5% for National Insurance (if my memory serves me right) = 32% total. Today 22% Income Tax + 8% National Insurance + 20% VAT = 50% TOTAL tax and lot of interference by EU with EU laws being imposed on UK.

    I firmly believe that EU union should be based on one market model and not interfering with each other’s laws neither impose any EU taxes on member states to run phenomenally huge EU beurocratic machine of civil servants with no democratic power over them to scrutinise. It is most cumbersome set up. The question is WHO pays for all this, in priciple it is the people of EU but in reality the burden is carried by wealthy members and yet it is not a fiscal UNION. A very strange set up indeed in my view!

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