Austrian Ambassador accepts Islam, marries PTV host Sadia Afzaal

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anchor Sadia Afzaal

Austrian Ambassador in Pakistan Axel Wech has converted to Islam and tied knot to Sadia Afzaal. The Muslim Times has the best collection of articles on interfaith tolerance

Editor’s note: The Muslim Times has not independently confirmed this news.

Islamabad: Austrian Ambassador in Pakistan Axel Wech has converted to Islam and tied knot to Sadia Afzaal, famous anchor of Pakistan’s state television programme ‘News Night’, a Facebook page said on Thursday.

Pakistan Media Watch citing sources said that the Austrian Ambassador has tied the knot with Sadia Afzaal and his decision to convert to Islam came just before their marriage.

The sources said that the couple was hiding details regarding their ‘Nikkah’ ceremony and the conversion.

Sadia Afzaal is based in Islamabad. She has worked as a reporter as well she has covered Foreign Office, Parliament and done a number of interviews with the heads of state including President Asif Ali Zardari, President Pervez Musharraf, PM Yousaf Raza Gillani, PM Shaukat Aziz.

She has been doing outdoor coverage too. She was the first female anchor to cover Swat operation with ISPR. She also covered incidents like Earthquake 2005, Floods 2010 and President Obama election 2008 with collaboration of Voice of America.

It is the second marriage of Sadia Afzaal as she was earlier known as Sadia Zafar. She also had a son from her first husband.

Meanwhile, according to The News Tribe correspondent from Islamabad, the Austrian embassy in the capital has not officially denied the report.

It is to be mentioned here that certain sectors of the society believe that the foreigners tie knot with the locals in order to easily move across the country and gather sensitive information.

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23 replies

  1. Congratulations to H.E. May we hope that his conversion to Islam will be genuine and that we will adhere to all the pillars of Islam, including the five daily prayers. (It will depend on his wife also, whether she shows relevant interest…)

  2. There is no need to doubt their sincerity. It is not our concern. We hope and pray to Allah that they live a long happy married life.
    Believing is the first step. It is not an easy step. It is a major change in life. Then follow the other good deeds. H.E., the gentleman has taken a step and he must have done it after some consideration. May Allah guide him to the true teachings of Islam.

    • Pakistani men have chauvinism and biased so ingrained in their nature that if it comes to marrying a christian girl without converting her first they will eagerly delve into such a marriage yet here is lady found a lad glad enough to renounce his religion and become a muslim…and if the cause was her…i call her more the better for it she drove him to the right path…males especially are such oppurtunists its positively derisive

  3. to zahoor:
    The same question i asked for myself. Islam is in this aspect discriminating. In my opinion this rule was designed by the people to gain more followers and power.

  4. TARKAN,Islam or any other religion do not encourage such things,it is we people who manupulate everything including their religion to seek/accomplish their own desire/requirement.

  5. zahoor,
    then you could almost say that religions are made by poeple. Yet it is believed to be from God/Allah because it is written in the quoran.

  6. I wonder how with her so Un-Islamic looks she inspired him to become a Muslim? No scarf even around the neck?
    Once an obviously westernized Muslim woman (who wore shorts)said to me what is there in the dress? One should have Taqwa (piety)in the heart.
    I told her it is impossible that if you have Taqwa in your heart and it does not show in your acts and appearance.

  7. I have read various comments on the marriage of Sadia. First of all I congradulate the couple and express my good wishes may they live a comforting life in such a way that they become a model for others to follow.
    About the conversion of Axel to Islam shows the firm belif of Sadia in Islam that it is indeed a superior and complete version of religion, if one wants to remain within the domain of religion. And Axel has also endorsed this by accepting Islam that this is the religion one should follow. No body has right to doubt the intentions of Sadia and Axel. I am hopeful that both will try to adopt real teachings of Islam in their practicle lives and thus shut the mouth of those narrow minded people whoes Islam is stuck in the long beard of mullah only.

  8. This case is Not different from any other arranged marriages developed thru their own contacts!!
    I wish both a very happy and Joyful and wonderful life.

  9. I feel sad for him, for he had to convert to a religion where ppl kill the I
    Innocents. Where there is no peace at all.

  10. My humble prayers goes to both. May God enables them to see true islam Ahmadiyya with their open hearts. This is just a start by accepting islam they need to accept the promised messiah as who came in the name of mirza ghulam ahmad as.

  11. One day Sadia Afzaal will realize that she did a great mistake to marry with Austrian Embassador.She blundered and shown stupidity,

  12. Congratulations to the couple, though it was very disappointing and depressing for myself as I was may be among tons of people dreaming of her.
    In a television morning show talking to the host Saadia expressed her will, that she would prefer marrying a man who would accep her son as his own real son. And I was ready for that too as I was ready to die for her on demand. But unfortunately nothing came out for me and HE Ambassador caught her. Good luck to them in their future marital life. Though I will always be available as a third one. Just waiting for a buzz.

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