Joel Osteen: Enlarging the Circle of Love


The Muslim Times has the best collection on interfaith tolerance and universal brotherhood. Enlarging the circle of love can help the Muslims overcome the sectarian divide as well

Written and collected by Zia H Shah MD, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times

Joel Osteen has no less than a thousand, half hour wonderful presentations, about positive thinking, hope, optimism and success. Most of these are available in YouTube and a few will be linked in this post.

Some of these are repetitions but almost every sermon has some new materials and metaphors.

He is a Christian Pastor but I felt that it would be such a loss if I don’t share these with our Muslim readers. He mostly talks about God of the Abrahamic faiths of Judaism and Christianity. Additionally, for the Muslim readers, whenever he speaks of the Bible we could choose to substitute it with the Quran and whenever he refers to Jesus we can suitably imply Allah or Muhammad, may peace be on him.

By such simple substitution almost all of his presentations become perfectly kosher and halal for the Muslim audience, who can greatly benefit from his oratory and scholarship.

Listening is the modern form of reading and by listening for a few hours, audience can gather years of reading of Osteen.

And I can claim that we have the best collection of articles and videos about human psychology and genuine interfaith tolerance.

Some Muslims worry about the influence of the Christian dogma and I don’t have the slightest fear of those false doctrines, as we have scores of amazing articles to present a rational form of Christianity and expose the absurdity of her dogma like Trinity, divinity of Jesus, birth of God, Original Sin  and Eucharist.


Joel Osteen. The Muslim Times has the best collection for human psychology and genuine interfaith tolerance

Nevertheless, Islam and Christianity, both share the theology of Providence of God and compassionate and just living among the humanity and there we can share and work together and applaud each other and need not create artificial walls. Allah says in the holy Quran: “Say, `O people of the Book ! come to a word equal to us and you – that we worship none but Allah, and that we associate no partner with Him, and that some of us take not others for Lords beside Allah.’ But if they turn away, then say `Bear witness that we have submitted to God.'” (Al Quran 3:64/65)

In the last century, Dale Carnegie with his book, How to make friends and influence people, set the tone for social and business life, during this century with his televangelism, Joel Osteen is setting the tone for positive thinking and optimism.

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According to a BBC survey a billion people in the world are suffering from anxiety and depression and the world badly needs a voice of hope and optimism.

In that spirit I will catalog several of his presentations over time. 

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    Thank you so much for sharing a wonderful video of a great pastor. Joel Osteen. My parents told me that God create many nations and cultures, so you can learn from each other. Many wisdom from Joel Osteen. May God bless him and you too Zia.


    And there are men who say: “Our Lord! Give us good in this world (Paradise ) and good in the Hereafter(paradise) and defend us from the torment of the Fire!”QS 2;201.

    Those who have believed and obey all Allah’s laws. (63) For them there is the good news in the worldly life (Heavent) and in the Hereafter Heavent: there is no change in the words of Allah.That is the great achievement. (64) QS 10;63-64.

    Wise(pious) People live in wealth and luxury, but stupid people live in poverty. Those who love GOD inherit wealth and those who fear GOD prolong his life.Proverb 21;20.

    This is a Message (of admonition): and verily, for the Righteous, is a beautiful place of (final) Return)― Gardens of Eternity, whose doors will (ever) be open to them; Therein will they recline (at ease); therein can they call (at pleasure) for fruit in abundance and (delicious) drink; And beside them will be chaste women restraining their glances, (companions) of equal age. Such is the promise made to you for the Day of Account! Truly such will be Our Bounty (to you); it will never fail. Q. 38;49-54

    Everyone has to pursue the good life, happiness, and prosperity on earth, not only for himself, but for the next generation, and society. In order to be successful, every one has to work hard and sweat. On the other word, Islamic teaching encourage people to live in wealth or prosperity.

    Those who seek a good life in this world and ignore a good life in Hereafter, he/she is a loser, like the life of Fir’aun (Pharoh). He was a King and the richest in the world, because he did not believe in God, he will cast to Hell in Hereafter.

    Those who seek a good life in Hereafter, but ignore a good life in this world, he is deceived by Satan. In order to get a good life in Hereafter, he should get first a good life in this world.

    These kind of verses should be thought to next generation, grandchildren at home and schools.

    May all of you will be inspired by the wisdom of Almighty Allah, ameen.
    For You from My Heart.
    All those who read shall pass on my words to others and those to others again; O Allah, be my witness, that I have conveyed your message to your people.

    Was Salam–With My love❤️
    Please do not erase it. Thank you

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