Day: February 8, 2018

Women are speaking out about being sexually harassed during Hajj

“My entire experience at the holy city is overshadowed by this horrible incident.” 2018-02-05 13:46 FacebookTwitterPrintMore By Rayana Khalaf Contributor Source: Facebook/Sabica Khan While one might think that men would tame their vile urges while performing their religious Islamic duties in the holy city of Mecca, the reality is quite disturbing. Women have recently been […]

Study Reveals Deep Shortcomings With How Schools Teach America’s History of Slavery

Southern Poverty Law Center’s recent report identifies key problems when it comes to educating students on slavery—and offers guidance on how to fix them image:×600/filters:no_upscale()/ Commons) By Jason Daley February 7, 2018 Discussing difficult topics in a meaningful way with adolescents isn’t easy. But that’s the responsibility that comes […]

North Korea, Myanmar in a sanctions-busting embrace

Source. Asia Times. The revelations of Myanmar’s continued missile-related imports from North Korea show that the two sides’ military relations are alive and well despite Naypyitaw’s repeated claims that they have been severed. They also underscore that Myanmar’s autonomous and powerful military, and not the civilian elected government, continues to […]

Israel’s double game with Daesh

Feb 07,2018 – JORDAN TIMES – Michael Jansen Israel is inadvisably but increasingly involved in conflicts raging in its northern and southern neighbours.  In the north, Israel has for several years provided aid and comfort to Daesh, Al Qaeda, and other insurgents fighting the Syrian government. This began by offering […]