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There is nothing in Islam that it is incompatible with modern democracy so long as the modern democracy does not prohibit its exercise

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Source/Credit: Daily Times
By Yasser Latif Hamdani | February 5, 2018

Space is said to be the final frontier. The world is preparing to go to Mars. Even our neighbouring country, India, has sent a successful Mars probe. Yet there seems to be no serious discussion on the future in Pakistan. This is despite the fact that Pakistan’s space programme predates the Indian space programme by almost a decade. It was in 1961 that the Science adviser to the then President Ayub Khan, the great Dr Abdus Salam, advised the government of Pakistan to initiate the space sciences wing of the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission. Within one year of this, Dr Salam had managed to launch two rockets into the upper atmosphere and Pakistan became only the third country to have achieved this milestone. Soon thereafter Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Corporation (SUPARCO) was created as a separate body. In his efforts Dr Abdus Salam was aided by another great son of Pakistan, the Polish born Air Commodore WJM Turowicz. Since the 1970s SUPARCO has gone downwards with nothing to its credit.

Pakistan was a different country before the 1970s   …


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  1. When I was a young student, I remember that Pakistan was a great country, peaceful country. I America love Pakistan people. America urged young Pakistan study and immigrant to America. Thousand Ahmadiyyah welcomed to the land of Dream of America.

    Unfortunately, graduately the extremist wahhabi clerics took the power in Pakistsn around 1975s, they started to persecute Ahmadiyyah Muslim, Syiah Muslim and Christian too.

    To day we see Pakistan is in the edge of brink, very sad indeed.
    Can we blame America and Zionist?
    The smart and honest Muslim should blame the extremist Muslim wahhabi the root of conflict in Arab countries, Pakistan, Afghanistsn, Syria, Yamen etc.

    Thii is my observation. Am I wrong?

    • Well, it seems rather obvious that after 1974 Allah’s blessings have bypassed Pakistan. Should we not reflect why?

      • It is obvious that Pakistan Goverment ( extremist leader)
        who persecuted Ahmadiyyah severely, whereas Goverment has to protect the right minority to practice their faith ot religion.

        Till to day Goverment of Pakistan ban Ahmadiyyah to practice their faith, very sad indeed. No wonder Allah curse and punish the extremist Muslim such as: Taliban
        and Red Mosque.

        Watch this video, we can learn something good

        All ❤️

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