Day: February 7, 2018

The Five Schools of Islamic Thought

Schools of Islamic thought (madhahib) are the paths people follow to the Noble Qur’an and Prophet Muhammad. Obviously, these schools of thought were founded considerably after the death of the Prophet; in fact, they never took shape until the time of the Umayyid Caliphate. The common phrase ahl al-sunnah wal-jama΄ah, […]

The Threat of Human Cloning

A Report of the Witherspoon Council on Ethics and the Integrity of Science The Threat of Human Cloning Ethics, Recent Developments, and the Case for Action Executive Summary • Preface: Cloning Then and Now • 1. Scientific and Historical Background 2. The Case Against Cloning-to-Produce-Children • 3. The Case Against Cloning-for-Biomedical-Research 4. Cloning Policy in the United […]