Kurds protest in Rome as Turkey’s Erdogan meets pope

800 (2)Source: Associated Press


VATICAN CITY (AP) — Paying the first Vatican visit by a Turkish head of state in 59 years, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan met Monday with Pope Francis to discuss the status of Jerusalem, human rights and refugees while Kurdish and Italian protesters clashed with police a short distance from Vatican City.

Police in riot gear blocked the protesters, estimated by officers to number about 150, near Rome’s Tiber River as they tried to get closer to the Vatican. One protester suffered a bloody gash on his head in the scuffle. Police said another was detained.

“I am surprised the pope is willing to meet with a person like that, a dictator, an assassin, with blood on his hands,” Said Durson, who was among the demonstrators, said.

Turkey last month launched a military offensive in a Kurdish-held enclave in Syria. The Turkish government says the U.S.-backed Syrian Kurdish militia there to be a terrorist organization and an extension of Kurdish insurgents fighting within Turkey.

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3 replies

    The first Afghanistan—Iraq—-Syria—-Yemen—-Saudi—-Turkey—Philipine—-Mynmar—-all Islamic countries—Who Next?
    Maybe— Pakistan—-Iran—Bahrain—Qatar.—Egypt.

    Conflict in Afghanistan is 16 years— no sign to end killing innocent people— The suicide Bomber still blast Afghanistan—-Iraq etc.

    It seems to us, Islamic religion cannot unite Muslim anymore. But conversely it seems Islam became a beautiful lady or “ icon” where every one wants to name its group with “ISLAM”. Islam has became the root of conflict in 21 century. There are more than 100 sects of Islam.

    The extremist Wahhabi and the extremist Syiah are the intolerant Islamic group and very dangerous human. They kill innocent children babarically.
    Am I wrong?

    How to overcome this trend?
    Ahmadiyyah has its own solution, by believing in Masshiah, Imam Mahdi, but it does not work
    Even though Ahmadiyyah has struggled 130 years.

    We need new appraoch or new solution. Dont we?

    All ❤️

    • Somi, please stop your bullshit! (sorry, I do not usually use American language, but enough is enough). Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria … the fighting has been started by non-Muslims and continues to be fed by non-Muslims. Yemen, ok the Saudis put the fight up, may be with the Iranians, but with American billions of dollars worth of arms. etc.. Therefore while you may be partly correct with your ‘extremists blames’ definitely your peaceful loving Christians are also to blame for a large part. Let the Yemenis fight each other with their beautiful swords, there would be less civilian casualties.

      • Rafiq— I am glad you say” Sorry” , you still have a nice heart. I accept your apology. May Allah forgive your sin.
        All our ❤️

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