Women, Fashion Has You Covered

Modest fashion

The Muslim Times has the best collection of articles on the theme of Hijab and modest dressing; we promote these as women’s choice and not a state issue or a project for morality police

Source: NY Times

By Vanessa Friedman

The defining sartorial style of the 2010s has begun to emerge.

It is a truism of the history of dress that decade-defining looks generally don’t congeal until quite late in the period they eventually come to represent. The miniskirts and Crayola colors of the 1960s, the power shoulders of the ’80s, the minimalism of the ’90s — all reached critical mass well into the midpoint of those eras, when whatever had been bubbling up in wardrobes and on sidewalks found its reflection in the wider world.

Well, we have finally reached that stage in the 2010s. The tectonic plates of fashion have shifted. Look around. What do you see?

Look to the runway: During the recent round of fashion shows, suits — and sleeves and long skirts — dominated. Look to the street, and the stores.

“Women who once bought strapless dresses with a little skirt are now buying evening gowns with sleeves and high necks,” said Claire Distenfeld, the owner of Fivestory, the destination boutique on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. “Four seasons ago we couldn’t sell a blouse, and now everyone wants a blouse. Young women who used to come in and buy Balmain’s nonexistent dresses are leaving with knee-length skirts with a sweater or blouse by Emilia Wickstead.”

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9 replies

  1. Western fashions come and go, mostly dictated by males. Each season brings something new. It’s big business, after all. If something goes en mass, it’s a success. Some fashion items are pleasing, others are not. Whether it’s long skirts and dresses, or trousers; whatever style or colour, it’s much a matter of taste. And it’s all in the eyes of the beholder.

  2. He does not give the same right to respond your thought . He delate my respond to you.
    Whereas Progressive Muslim and Ahmadiyyah support “ justice for all people without discrimination.

    Let me try again hopefully he treat me fairly.

    How beautiful women with variaty of calor and fashion are. Compared to women wear burqa or Hijab, just one fashion.
    Therefore, Hijab prevent women to be creative and pursue her dream in public.

    Look at in Iran and Saudi impose women to wear burqa or hijab. Women who reject hijab will be arrested up to 10 years. Nauzubillah

    No wonder non Muslim think that those who wear hijab or burqa are the extremist Muslim. Non Muslim in the West are scared with extremist muslim. Try to think that way! Renate.

    All ❤️

    • Somi, you just said how beautiful women who wear colour and fashion are. You outlined the point of why we wear the hijab, thanks. This is exactly the attention that Muslim Women don’t want, we don’t want to be attractive in front of all men.

      Not only that, but Muslim women can be creative in many ways, creativity is not only restricted to your choice of cloths.

  3. Just because the fashion is naked, does not mean everyone have to follow it blindly. And somi, no one has made you God that u can just sit and judge all the women who proudly hone their hijab and wear it with love. It’s up to God to judge them.

  4. Riffat strongly support Saudi and Iran’s policy to arrest women who do not wear Burqa or Hijab.. Right?
    Or you condemn Iran?

    All ❤️

  5. I support a person’s and woman’s own free will Somi. I believe that if a woman wants to wear a Hijan that people like you or trump should not tell her what to ware and if she does not want to wear the burka or hijab that extremists like irani clerics should not tell her what she should wear. People like you, trump and the irani clerics are who end up oppressing women because they impose their opinion on women instead of asking the women what the women want. It should be the women whose opinion should matter not your.

  6. It is not true that women in the West can wear anything, there has to be a certain degree of modesty otherwise they can be charged with indecency.

  7. Most wife of King of Arab coutries do not wear hijab.
    They just wear clothing in politeness or decency.

    Watch this Video as proof my argument.
    King Husen and Abdullah family

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