Eaten a horse lately? Europe Horsemeat Scandal Widens

Europe Horsemeat Scandal Widens: Frozen Lasagna, Spaghetti Found Tainted

Frozen spaghetti and lasagna meals were removed from supermarket shelves this week in the U.K. following the discovery that products advertised as beef actually contained between 60% and 100% horsemeat, reports the BBC. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has ordered all British food companies to test their processed beef products before Feb. 15.

(MORE: Horse Meat Found in Irish Beef Burgers)

The Findus Group, a multinational food business with headquarters in the U.K., came under the spotlight earlier this week when it announced that it had found horsemeat made up the majority — or in some cases, all — of the meat in 11 out of 18 beef lasagna meals. The chief executive of the FSA, Catherine Brown, told the BBC that she believed the contamination was the intentional result of fraud rather than just a mistake. “I have to say that the two cases of gross contamination that we see here indicates that it is highly likely there has been criminal and fraudulent activity involved,” she said.

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  1. Have you? I probably have. On frequent visits to UK, must have eaten it. I am sure Tatar and Mongol friends are offended at people being offended at eating horses. Guess its better than eating something else!! at least it is halal.

  2. There is another aspect to this News: These food giants especially import ‘waste meat products’ to augment their ‘real meat’ products. Quality not quantity, better have real meat and in between some vegetarian meals …

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