Is Music Haram? What About Jazz from Grammy Wining Ahmadi Muslim – Yusef Lateef

Editor’s Note: Yusef Lateef is our Ahmadiyya Muslim brother- An American Jazz player- Great music to listen to.

Yusef Lateef – I Need You

Published on Jan 2, 2013

Contemplation (1960)

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  1. This is an interesting question about Music. Maudoodi sahib and other maulvis are strictly against music. They refer a Hadith of the prophet s.a.w.s. The prophet s.a.w.s. said, “I have come to break the musical instruments.”

    There are other points in favor and against it. Let us consider the word Haraam first. What does it mean?
    1. It appears that something Haraam is strictly forbidden.

    2. It is not anything doubtful or ambiguous. Like every one knows the mother, the item which is Haraam is well known and evident. i.e. its identity is clear.

    3. Haraam and Halaal are mentioned in the Quran. They are not mentioned only in Hadith. They are to be mentioned in Quran and Allah has described them, such as flesh of swine, or any dead animal or blood or Usury, etc.

    4. No one has the authority to create his own list of Haraam and halaal.

    5. I am not sure if Music is specifically mentioned as Haraam in the Quran. It may be classified with idle things, but not Haraam. That is classified with Munkar or makrooh. Something to be disliked.

    6. The very wise man, Socrates, did not approve of the musicians or orators. That is mentioned in “The Republic”.

    7. Now, another important point against music is that whatever we do not do in the mosque is not good and permissible in open public life. So, singing and music and smoking, many such things will come under forbidden list, or at least, not approved practices.

    I cannot say. Music may only be makrooh i.e. disliked thing, something that we Muslims should dislike. And we must not indulge in Music even though it is not Haraam. Otherwise there will be singing of hymns and poems with musical instruments in the mosques like it is done in the churches. We already have great great musical sessions on the tombs of saints in the form of Qawwali. Also, in the gatherings at pseudo religious leaders (Peers) houses, Qawwali is playing hell of trance on the poor muslim devotees.
    From there, music could one day enter or mosques. God forbid.

  2. Why is it so difficult to have self control? And why is the word music being written next to smoking? I’ fail to see the connection, but writing it next to cigarettes is kind of implying that its in the same category.
    Why do you think that music will be brought into the mosques? You wear shoes outside a mouse but you leave them at the door when you go in. If you had no self control I would admire your abstinence. But you may As well ban shoes if you want to ban music because you are worried you will take the it into the mosque.
    Music is not a vile vulgar thing. And I do also believe that there are forms of vulgarity in today’s music, but to ban all music and put it under the category of vulgarity is not fact based decision.
    Did prophet David not sing and play winded instruments?
    Music does a lot of good things for people and it is a form of personal relaxation or peace. This is not to say that you replace your prayers etc for music. But be able to control yourself and take your self away from your music. Music is used as therapy and is a science studied in many universities.
    Music is a creation of man. And man, accordingly to Islam, is Gods creation. Surely something that does not do harm and is used to make people happy and is also made by the human God made, can not be banned. People sing to their love and mothers sing to their children when they can’t sleep in the middle of the night.
    No one said that music can’t be bad. Everything has a negative aspect to it. But by abstaining from the vulgar music of today, surely it’s ok to listen to peaceful good feeling tunes without the worry of a mullah looking at you with daggers in his eyes?

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