Video: Ahmadyya Muslims Scientists (AMRA) members on BBC Evolution Debate

thebeerrevelation: On the 13th of January 2012 a group of young Ahmadi Muslim scientists appeared on the BBC discussion programme “The Big Questions,” to try and give a voice to the Islam Ahmadiyya viewpoint on the question of whether it’s ‘time for all religions to accept evolution as fact?’ 

The primary focus was on the two rows of panelists: one panel in favour of evolution, and the other panel opposed to it. The latter consisted of creationist Christians and two Muslim speakers, whilst the former primarily of atheistic scientists as well as a Muslim and Christian who had embraced evolution. The discussion, presided over by Nicky Campbell was rather meandering, with no point fully answered by either side due to the shortage of time, but the issues that came up were whether evolution should be treated as fact or fiction, whether humans are well designed or exhibit elements of poor design, and whether Adam (pbuh) was spontaneously created.


Editor’s note: Its worth visiting the website. AMRA stands for Ahmadiyya Muslim Research Association.

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