Afghanistan Kunduz victim families file Germany claim


Families of dozens of Afghan civilians killed in a 2009 air strike have sued the German government for 3.3m euros (£2.7m; $4.3m) in damages.

A Germany army commander ordered the attack on two fuel tankers hijacked by the Taliban because he said they posed a threat to his troops.

The army said 91 people died in the attack in Kunduz province but lawyers for the families say 137 were killed.

Many of the victims were women and children trying to siphon fuel.

The attack on 4 September 2009 was the most controversial episode in Germany’s military presence in Afghanistan.

German forces served under the Nato-led Isaf force.

Initially, German forces said no civilians had been killed but it transpired that the tankers had been abandoned by the militants. Read further.

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