Jalsa Salana (Annual Convention): A Sign of the Truth of the Messiah

Kaaba: The very First House of God

A Muslim Time Original, dated December, 2012

By Malik Samar Imtiaz

Approximately 2000 years BC, Allah the All Knowing had prophesied Hajj when He had revealed Himself to the Prophet Abraham (may blessings of Allah be on him). Allah revealed the memory of that event again in the Holy Quran for the benefit of the posterity:

And call to mind when We assigned to Abraham the site of the House and said, ‘Associate not anything with Me and keep My House clean for those who perform the circuits, and those who stand up and those who bow and prostrate themselves in Prayer; And call mankind to the Pilgrimage. They will come to thee on foot, and on every lean camel, coming from all over the world, by every distant, deep, track. (Al Quran 22:27-28)

Most humans, if they pause to think about Hajj, are a witness to the truth of the prophecy in these verses.  The international newspapers, invariably cover when 3-4 million faithful, crowd Mecca for Hajj every year.  However, most are not aware that in the previous century, Allah has added another international dimension to these prophecies.

The last part of these verses of the Holy Quran were revealed again in full glory to an Indian, during the British rule: “Yateeqa Min Kulle Fajin Ameeq” – they will come from all over the world, by every distant, deep, track.

Hajj was to continue to be the epiphany of spiritual pursuit and experience of every believing Muslim, male and female, totaling almost 1.8 billion in our planet.  It continues, not only as a spiritual paradigm, but, also a symbol of our Universal Brotherhood and Sisterhood.

Yet the believers are beginning to see additional glimpses of Jalsa Salana (Annual Convention), in almost 200 countries of the world.

The Messiah – Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani

From December 29th to 31st the world´s attention will turn towards Qadian again – a remote village in Punjab, India.

Remote? Not anymore!

Some 124 years ago, one man proclaimed to be the Messiah and the Mahdi as foretold by the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may peace be on him.  He was none other than Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani.  He was a Prophet of God and he established the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community to revive Islam and unite all mankind, by emphasizing religious freedom for everyone and the fact that the founders of all religions, Confucius, Buddha, Tao, Krishna, Ram, Moses and Jesus were prophets of God.

UK Jalsa Salana, 2012

Scores of the verses of the Holy Quran were revealed to the Messiah, again, to highlight their significance for the Latter Days, in keeping with the prophecies of the Prophet Muhammad.  The Mahdi and the Messiah had numerous other revelations also.

Back in 1891 the Community´s first Jalsa Salana took place in Qadian, as a result of Divine inspiration, with only 75 attendees.   An event, which started in very humble beginnings, is now taking place all over the world in more than 200 countries, with attendances up to 30,000, in UK, Germany and Canada.

Thousands will spend three blessed days in presence of righteous people to stay away from worldly affairs to develop in spirituality.

This event is so special that in fact it is impossible to describe the atmosphere and blessings in words. One has to be part of the convention to feel the unity, brotherhood, peace, tranquility and spiritual aura, which impregnate the whole atmosphere,  as thousands socialize with each other and offer their earnest prayers to God Almighty.

But why and how the Jalsa Salana is to be considered as a sign of the truth of the Messiah, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani?

There are many revelations to this effect, but I want to pick two of them, for now.

1. “Yateeqa Min Kulle Fajin Ameeq” – People will come from all over the world to you

That was revealed from God to his Prophet, the Messiah, 124 years ago and history confirms the truth of this revelation. Qadian was a remote village in Punjab, India. Not known by the world, in fact it wasn´t known within Punjab either. Today the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has spread in more than 200 countries of the world and wherever the Community exists, Jalsa Salana is celebrated annually.

Although Jalsa Salana takes place all over the world, thousands of men, women – young and old – visit Qadian again and again over the years to participate in Jalsa Salana there, as well.

2. “Wasse Makanaka” – Expand your home

As explained before – a small group of 75 people attended the first Jalsa Salana and numbers have sky rocketed since then. Wherever the Community gets a location to host this event – that location becomes small after a couple of years.

One example is Germany. The first Jalsa Salana in Germany took place in 70´s with a handful people at the Fazle Omar Mosque in Hamburg. In 80´s a new Jalsa Site (Nasir Bagh) was bought which became too small in 90´s so the Jalsa moved to Mannheim. In Mannheim we thought that place is big enough and there would be no need for another place for many decades. History proved us wrong. Just in 2011 the Jalsa moved again to Karlsruhe Messe with the hope that those 4 Mega Halls would be big enough. If one has seen the Jalsa in Germany – we already have to look for a larger Jalsa Site to cover the needs for this Grand Event. In short, the revelation mentioned above comes true again and again.

This was a short introduction to this great event. But what are the objectives of Jalsa Salana and what is it good for? Well, at this stage I think we should go back to the words of the Messiah himself?  He said:

Primary purpose:

The primary purpose of this Convention is to enable every sincere individual to personally experience religious benefits; They may enhance their knowledge and –due to their being blessed and enabled by Allah, The Exalted- their perception [ of Allah ] may progress. Among its secondary benefits is that this congregational meeting together will promote mutual introduction among all brothers, and it will strengthen the fraternal ties within this Community. (Ishtihar 7 Dec. 1892, Majmoo`ah Ishtiharat Vol. I, Page 340).

Not an Ordinary Convention
It is essential for all those who can afford to undertake the journey, that they must come to attend this Convention which embodies many blessed objectives. They should disregard minor inconveniences in the cause of Allah and His prophet (peace be upon him.). Allah yields reward to the sincere persons at every step of their way, and no labor and hardship, undertaken in His way, ever goes to waste. I re-emphasize that you must not rank this convention in the same league as other, ordinary, human assemblies. This is a phenomenon that is based purely on the Divine Help, for propagation of Islam.  (Ishtihar 7 Dec. 1892, Majmoo`ah Ishtiharat Vol. I, Page 341)

I conclude with the prayer that everyone who travels for [attending] this Convention that is for the sake of Allah: May Allah, the Exalted, be with him, reward him in abundant measure, have mercy on him, ease up for him his circumstances of hardship and anxiety and eliminate his anguish and grief. May He grant him freedom from every single hardship and lay open for him the ways of [achieving] his cherished goals, and raise him up, on the day of Judgment, among those of His servants who are the recipients of His blessings and Mercy. May He be their Guardian in their absence until after their journey comes to an end. O Allah! O Sublime One and Bestower of bounties, the Ever Merciful and One Who Resolves all problems, do grant all these prayers, and grant us Victory over our opponents with scintillating signs, because You alone have all the prowess and power. Aameen! Aameen! (Ishtihar 7 Dec. 1892, Majmoo`ah Ishtiharat Vol. I, Page 342)


1. www.jalsasalana.org   Main website for annual convention.

2. http://www.alislam.org/   Main website of the community with schedule and program of Qadian Jalsa.

3. http://www.alislam.org/v/c-2.html – Addresses by Head of Ahmadiyya Community at Jalsa Salana

4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAzmiybPv0s – Jalsa Salana Trailer

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  1. Hearty congratulations to all the blessed Ahmadis of India and from 30 countries of the world for their good-luck to be present in Qadian on the occasion of Jalsa Salana, 2012. All eyes of Ahmadis residing in more than two hundred countries are fixed on MTA to view and listen to the inspiring speeches and especially the final session of the Jalsa being addressed by His Holiness Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih Al-khamis direct from London on 31 Dec. 2012 at10.30 GMT. InshaAllah, MashaAllah. All praise to God Almighty. Jalsa Salana Zindabad, Khilafat-e-Ahmadiyya Paindabad.

  2. Naraa-e-Takbeer: Allahuakbar (God is the Greatest)

    Hazrath Mohammad Mustafa: Sallallaho Alaihi Wasallam (Peace & Blessings of Allah be upon him)

    Islam Ahmadiyyat: Zindabad (Long-live)
    Maseeh-e-Maood wa Mahdi-e-Maood Alaihis’salaam: Zindabad

    Khulfa-e-Rashida: Zindabad

    Khulfa-e-Ahmadiyyat: Zindabad

    Hazrath Ameer-ul-Momineen: Zindabad

    Dar-ul-Amaan Qadian: Zindabad

    Jalsa Salana Qadian: Zindabad

    Khalifatul Maseeh Khamis: Zindabad

    Hazrath Mohammad Mustafa: Sallal’laho Alaihi Wasallam

    Naraa-e-Takbeer: Allahuakbar (God is the Greatest)

  3. Special greetings and heart-felt congratulations from the Jalsa-Thirsty Rabwahites, to all the blessed Ahmadis muslims residing in all countries of all the parts of the world on the most spiritual occasion of the traditional DAYS of the Central Jalsa Salana Gatherings of Qadian & Rabwah, in the last week of December, May God bless you all where-ever you are as
    Daeilallah, and as a member of the Jama’at-e-Masih-e- Muhammadi Alaihissalam. Plz also continue your prayers that our dear Allah, the God Almighty may make ‘this’ luckless ‘napak’territory, deprived of ‘Jalsa Salana’s Blessings’, again, make it, worthy to be a place of life/living and Gathering of all Ahmadis from all parts of the world, especially during these traditional December Days of “Jalsa Salana”as originally ordained by Hadhrat Aqdus Masih-e-Maud, (als) 122 years ago. Ameen Allahumma Ameen. practicing living

  4. 1)Thanks for airing the feelings of yearning for the restoration of the Jalsa Salana at Rabwah. 2) And hearty Congratulations to all involved with such a successfully organised, inspiring 121st Jalsa Salana of Qadian. The concluding address of His Holiness Al-Khamis and the simultaneous scenes of Jalsa gatherings at Qadian and London were most faith-inspiring for all the viewers all over the world. AlhamdolillaheRabbilalameen.
    3) And New year 2013 Greetings to all the members of the Ahmadiyya Muslims Community. May God Almighty enable all of them to continue their efforts for the greater goals and glories of their life with continuous more vigor and strength for all the more higher achievements for all the times to come. Ameen.

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