Supporting a justified quest (Editorial: Jordan Times)

Nov 28, 2012 | 22:07

What Israel fears most from Palestine’s bid to upgrade its status at the UN to that of non-member observer state is the ability of the Palestinian Authority to take it, thereafter, to the International Criminal Court for its crimes against humanity and war crimes against the Palestinian people.

Israel wants assurances that any UN decision granting the Palestinian Authority such status will have no retroactive effect, which means it will allow all past Israeli violations of the international humanitarian law pass with impunity.

This issue is splitting the European Union states, with some expressing support for the PA, such as France, Austria and others deciding to stay on the sidelines, either by abstaining or by voting against such resolution.

Of course, for the Palestinians the stakes are higher than just holding Israel accountable for its crimes.

The PA wants to make up for its failure, last year, to secure a UN Security Council resolution granting it full UN member state status and, no doubt, it also wishes to be able to force Israel to deal with it as an entity with rights and obligations under the UN Charter.

From the look of things, Israel may opt to have a low-key approach to this Palestinian quest for wider recognition by the international community, since the 193 UN member states are expected to overwhelmingly support the Palestinian bid, no matter what the Jewish state does or says.

The Palestinian quest should become also an Arab pursuit, and requires full Arab support. The success of the Palestinians would also be a success for the Arab world. It would provide the Palestinians with stronger avenues to attempt to restore their usurped rights.

NOTE BY THE EDITORS: I personally cannot understand the opposition to this move. It can only mean that the opponents, mainly Israel and its small brother USA, are opposed to a Two State Solution. Why not say it openly and prepare for the One State Solution then?

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