No News is good News: New York records rare day with no violent crime

Murder rates in New York are falling

New York, the city that was once considered among the most dangerous places in the world, has recorded its first day in living memory in which no one was shot or stabbed.

From 10.25pm on Sunday until 11.20am on Tuesday, no gun crime or knife attacks were reported to police, marking the most peaceful 24 hours in the Big Apple in decades.

Just once gun shot was reported to the authorities, but the incident involved a 16-year-old accidentally shooting himself in the thigh.

Paul Browne, a police spokesman for the city, told the New York Daily News that lull in violent crime was a nice way to start the week.

While days without any serious violent crime are rare, the number of murders in New York have been steadily falling. So far there have been 366 murders in the city this year, compared to 472 in 2011. If the trend continues, the city is on track to record its lowest murder rate since 1960. New York’s murder rate hit a peak of 2,245 in 1990 before a concerted effort by the mayor’s office to clean up the streets with a zero tolerance policy on crime.

Source: New York Daily News, AP

Usually the crime rate are as follows: See crime statistics and maps of New York City:

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