Hijab first in British parliament

Express Tribune: LONDON: A 16-year-old girl is thought to have become the first person to speak from the House of Commons despatch box in the British parliament while wearing a hijab, The Times newspaper reported Saturday.


a biology, chemistry, history and maths student, was speaking as the Youth Parliament held its annual session in the lower house’s chamber, where Britain’s MPs gather.

Karim, from Wokingham, west of London, said: “Wearing the hijab was my own choice.”


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  1. Islam is one of the perfect religion in this world, it have given right to ever one, to parents, to husband, to wife, to the world each person .. so whey should the non Muslim LOOK ISLAM weird.. it is one of the fardh in Islam for women to wear hijab/niqaab, because if we see, a women dignity is in veil, not in to show and expose,,,, just go around and compare some of the minor thing with non Muslim,, you will get know each and every thing.. Quran

    Its strange how the number of burka wearers are increasing in the UK. I guess it must be those evil husbands forcing them into it. Hmm, but I guess this still doesn’t explain why British women are converting to Islam. The message that the French Government is clearly sending out is that they will not tolerate let alone respect the choice of a person living in France to wear what they wish to wear. Can they look into each and every women’s heart who wears the veil to confirm that it was forced upon her by a man? This argument is completely baseless. Does President Sarkozy really believe that he has given back all Muslim women their ‘lost dignity’ by banning the veil? I sincerely hope that the British Government and British citizens will continue to uphold its long history of freedom of expression and religion which has made it such a tolerant and multicultural society in which every citizen is respected.

    We should have a burka week in the UK, where all women experience the joy in wearing a Burka. (Optional of course). There is already too much Hate in the UK. Lets promote the idea that diversity is good. There are a lot of reasons being cited for banning the Burka. However what people are failing to realise is that banning the burka and other religious freedoms is that this is an attack on British values as well as others religious values.

    If the British want their values to be hijacked by right wing extremists like those in France then don’t complain when there is no longer any freedoms is Britain. It is these extremists who are destroying Britain. I hate the idea of a government legislating about what a person can and cannot wear

    I’d just like to point out to people unfamiliar with the Qur’an that there’s nowhere in the Qur’an that tells Muslims how to pray or when to pray, although it is acknowledged that there are clear guidelines on how to do this. It was the function of the Prophet, peace by up him, to explain the Qur’an.
    But back to the niqaab. Here is a translation of Sura 33, verse 59 “Prophet tell your wives, your daughters and women believers to make their outer garments hang low over them so as to be recognised (as Muslims) and not insulted …” (M.A.S. Abdel Haleem). Let’s look at the relevant words in Sura 24, verse 31 from the same translator: “And tell believing women that they should …. let their headscarves fall to cover their necklines.”
    If you were to look at a range of Qur’an translations, you would notice a slight variation in the wording due to the complexity of the Arabic language. This is why we have Muslim scholars to put the verses into a context and explain exactly what they mean in the light of the Sunnah (things the Prophet, peace be upon him, said and did). Most scholars agree that the women closest to the Prophet, peace be upon him, started covering their faces after these verses were revealed.

    Okay, so the civilised western people in UK/Europe want to help Muslim women? but… how can the West be trusted to “help” anyone when they’ve invaded Muslim countries (Iraq/Afghanistan) and killed hundreds of thousands of Muslims women and children included? Muslims wont trust people who kill them… simple fact.

    I do not want to live in a country where a form of clothing is banned by the government. The Burka should never be banned in the UK. They have no right to tell people what they should or should not wear. that is personal freedom.
    Iftikhar Ahmad
    London School of Islamics Trust


  3. It is amazing how much time and energy and money is saved wearing hijab, for those who don’t care about the religious aspect of wearing hijab should at least weigh in the benefits of covering themselves as apposed to flaunting themselves.I don’t know what the french capitalists are worried about , wouldn’t it make more sense to sell more garment than less, wouldn’t they have less skin cancer and less moral degredation of females and save their boys from being addicted to the female anatomy and reduce all or most of the moral decline in their society. Lets not forget all the chemicals hair and skin products and money spent on them and the destruction of poor animals to test these products in order to sell and how about the waste produced as result of this excessiveness. So all you hijjab wearing ladies i salute you because you are the truly civilized and your not for sale to the entertainment or the french fried capitalist

  4. She is a role model of our new generation of Muslim. May Allah shower his blessing upon her and all of them who follow the true teaching of Islam.

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