‘Wreck-It Ralph’ Teach Us About Life

Huff Post: Gerry Gavin.

Every animated child’s movie has some sort of moral to the story. Generally they are predictable and revolve around the basic things that we teach our kids about good guys always winning and bad guy always losing in the end. But “Wreck-It Ralph” has more.


We have forgotten the greatness of our spirit self, our true being and we have settled into the roles and stories that we were born into. We have forgotten that we were all programmed with the same limitless essence as the Creator — to be a co-creator and to love, succeed and be happy. But out memory does not recall who we really are, so we see our life only as the role we currently play. We believe, like the game characters, that we are pre-programmed to live at the whim of the being behind the joystick, who allows the bad guys to destroy and the good guys to fix, in a never ending cycle. Instead, Margaret offers us messages of hope and empowerment


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