Russia condemns Israel violence against Gaza Strip

Press TV:

Russia has strongly condemned the latest wave of Israel’s aerial attacks on Gaza Strip, which has killed over a dozen Palestinians in the besieged territory.

“Further escalation of violence would be impermissible,” Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Alexander Lukashevich told reporters in Moscow on Thursday.

 “The disproportionate strikes in Gaza Strip are totally unacceptable, especially when there are civilian casualties,” he added.

“Moscow is deeply concerned with what is going on in Gaza Strip and calls for the bloodshed to end,” Lukashevich noted.

The Kremlin also said on Thursday that President Vladimir Putin was following the Gaza situation, and was worried about the violence there.

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  1. Some responses on Gaza Attack:

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    Turkey condemns Israeli attack on Gaza, demands halt

    Tunisia condemns Israeli attack on Gaza, sends foreign minister with aid

    Egypt condemns Israel’s air strikes on Gaza as ‘aggression against humanity’

    U.K.’s Foreign Secretary William Hague says Israel Needs To De-Escalate In Gaza,

    Iran condemns Israeli attack on Gaza Strip

    Malaysia condemns Israeli attacks on Gaza, calls for UN action

    Jordan condemns Israeli aggression against Gaza Strip

    China in the past has condemned deadly Israeli attack

  2. I think before condemning Israel…someone has to stop Hamas aggressions…..Gaza needs such a good hammering

  3. U really think so? Do you rhi k it is fair to kill those innocent kids? What did they do? Woyld yu say that if it were ur city, ur sisters and brothers? The act of isreal is to be condemned rightly so. They need to stop. They are taking innocent lives! What can be a readon for that???!

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