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  1. It all bogged down to one issue from the Uleamas namely “those who believed that there is another Nabi after Muhammad saw is kafir” this statement by the uleamas as they hold the words from sayings from Muhammad saw state that “…. there will be no other prophet after me and I am khataman nabiyyin” …”. The uleamas refuted the true meaning of these words from Muhammad saw and make their own interpretations. And along the line the uleamas refuted on the advent coming of Jesus as Isa al-Masih and Imam Mahdi as only a myth. BUT those words also came from Muhammad saw as in Hadith. Thus the uleamas can figure out which of the saying in the Hadith are right and which are wrong and not to be followed. We agree also that some Hadith are not strong and some are made to suit requirements and some are distorted and some are taken out to suit individuals. Learn from the past NOT following and re-enactment of the past.

  2. the criterion of judging the authenticity of a Hadis has also been laid down by the ulema themselvs. that is Sahahe Sitta. Sahih Bukhari, Muslim, Tirmizi, Abu Daud: Ibne Maja and Nisa Ee. why not follow that principle.

    Those who believe that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is not the last prophet and saying that Mirza ghulam ahmad Qadiani is the prophet after him is the non muslim we are strongly condemn and rejecting their wrong saying and statements.
    Qadiani/Ahmadis is Jewish lobby and has been working since the creation of Pakistan and India these people has been receiving aid and financial aid from USA,UK,GERMANY,and Israel to further divided the Muslim nations.
    we are also working stop them till last breath our life.

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