Israel considers resumption of Gaza assassinations (why not just ‘murders’?)

by Ami Teibel, The Daily Star, Lebanon

Story Summary

Israel is considering resuming its contentious practice of assassinating militant leaders in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip in an effort to halt intensified rocket attacks on Israel’s south, according to defense officials.

With Israeli elections two months away, rocket barrages from Gaza are disrupting the lives of 1 million residents of southern Israel, pressuring the government to come up with an effective response.

In the latest flare-up, Gaza militants have fired more than 100 rockets at Israel in recent days, triggering retaliatory Israeli airstrikes that have killed six people in Gaza.

Some Israelis are demanding a harsh military move, perhaps a repeat of Israel’s bruising incursion into Gaza four years ago. Others believe Israel should target Hamas leaders, a method it used to kill dozens of militants nearly a decade ago.

Israel quelled much of the rocket fire with its devastating, three-week war in Gaza in early 2009, but Hamas and other militant groups in Gaza have been stocking their arsenals with more and better weapons.

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