Widowhood: A life interrupted

Dawn.com: Faiza Mirza.

“I always felt different because everywhere I go people either give me sympathetic looks or are scared that I will bring bad luck. But the first time I actually felt betrayed was when one of my sisters was getting married. I was treated like an outcast by my own family, all of whom thought that if I touched the bridal clothes or anything related to the nuptial ceremony something catastrophic will happen,” narrated Mahar whilst describing her experience as a widow in Pakistan.

Mahar belonged to the upper-middle strata of the Pakistani society and lives in one of the largest cities in the country. However, her narrative made me think about hundreds of widows living in the rural areas of Pakistan who are far less educated and empowered than Mahar and most definitely a lot more discriminated.


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  1. Actually, this kind of thinking among the Sub-continent Muslims all over the world is due to the fact that they were originally Hindus before converting to Islam.

    And as one friend put it – that though we’ve become Muslims, the bells of the temple are still ringing in our heads!

    So true:(

  2. a very good article on the descrimination of widows
    esp. in south asian countries. nonetheless even the divorcees and spinsters who wish to stay unmarried are looked down upon by the society and even stigmatised,defamed, disrespected at the slightest opportunity arising by the society.
    Only these women know the secret behind their short comings and tend to suffer silently socially, culturaly and even pyschologicaly.
    MY HATS OFF TO THEM TO SURVIVE IN SUCH HARSH SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT WITH AN EVER SMILING FACE HIDING THE AGONY BEHIND THEIR SMILES.At times even the divorcees are not invited for social gatherings,lest they bring bad omen!thank you.

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