Pakistan elected to UN Human Rights Council: Will this Help Minorities in Pakistan?

Dawn: UNITED NATIONS: Pakistan on Monday was elected to the United Nations Human Rights Council, an intergovernmental body within the UN system.

Pakistan, which had the endorsement of the Asia Group, polled 171 votes, when 97 were required.

“Pakistan’s political leadership, parliament and judiciary have all proactively pushed the human rights agenda,” Ambassador Masood Khan said.

“Our membership of the Human Rights Council acts as a catalyst for higher attention to human rights back home,” he said.

“Our entire leadership, all political forces and national institutions support promotion and protection of human rights. We have put human rights as a top priority on our national agenda,” Ambassador Khan added.

The United States and Germany won a closely contested race among western nations.


7 replies

  1. It could help, if the other members would pressurize Pakistan. This is not very likely to happen, considering the past behavior. Remember: It was the US who blocked anti-Pakistan votes in this very council in the Past. (for political reasons).

    • While it may be an ‘open joke’ that Pakistan is on the Human Rights Council I feel it even more sinister when countries like the USA, always talking about Human Rights, themselves block votes in favor of Human Rights for ‘political compromises’, such as the vote against Pakistan covering the Ahmadiyya issue (the sub-committee voted against Pakistan and when it came to the main Human Rights Council the USA behind the scenes blocked any vote).

  2. I am disappointed by the role of the countries who are so vocal for the Human Rights. Is it not a tragedy a country where Shia and Ahmadi Muslims are treated as second and third grade citizens. Where their lives, properties and honour is every moment on stake. That country has managed to enter into the UN Human Rights Council.Like father like son. Ineffectve UN! Ineffctive Council of Human Rights!

  3. I had commented on this issue earlier. It was clear that Human Rights issues are always at a secondary place when national interests and strategic interests involved.

    There is no doubt that minorities are suffering in Pakistan. But when it comes to the War on Terror, and the regional scenario, Obama’s elections the expected pull back in 2014 from Afghanistan, to expect that anyone can effect the results at that meeting was being unrealistic.


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