Try a little love

Atifa Ahmed, Calgary Herald

Published: Saturday, November 03, 2012

Re: “The liberation of a Jew hater into a Zionist,” Licia Corbella, Opinion, Oct. 27.

I think everything Licia Corbella tried to say can be summed up in Kasim Hafeez’s words: “Life is just so much better when you’re not so angry and full of hate.”

Hafeez was one individual who managed to change his mindset, but there are many young men who are used as weapons by hate-inciters across the world, maybe because of their disposition for emotional vulnerability. A vast majority of them invest a lot of energy hating, but have never made an effort to research for themselves or to educate themselves about the other group.

Inciting hate is a source of livelihood for many religious and community leaders. In many developing countries, for example, the mullah’s hate speech is what gets food on the dinner table at night. Read further.

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