Building Better Bridges in Barrie, Ontario

‎Building Better Bridges in Barrie-1

TIKKUN OLAM-Heal the Word

The city of Barrie witnessed a unique event this morning; city council’s first Annual Interfaith Breakfast – sharing spirituality enlightenment over breakfast table.

The event was organized under the leadership of Councillor Peter Silveira and Mr Ajmal Naushahi, the president of local Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Barrie, Canada. Representatives from Am Shalom Synagogue, Baha’i Community and Lutheran community of Barrie also participated in the event.

This year the gathering focused on the theme of ‎ شفاء العالم or theTIKKUN OLAM meaning heal the World.

In view of so many conflicts around the world caused by religious intolerance and lack of religious freedom, this event mainly focused on the ways to eliminate all forms of intolerance and discrimination based on religion. It has been a wonderful effort to make Barrie a better place.

L-R: Mark Neelin Chief of Barrie police, Patrick Brown Member of Parliament, Mayer Jeff Lehman, Sir Peter Silveira Councillor.

The event provided a chance for the politicians, Mayer, MPs, city Councillors, business leaders, police officials and other city officials to mingle with representatives of many different religions and faiths that belong to the local community.

The event helped officials to connect with different religious and faith groups to build better bridges between Barrie communities.

The City Council’s Piper escorted the Head Table Guests. Kalim Malik, the Vice President of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Canada led the guests.

Ajmal Naushahi, introducing Barrie’s first The Annual Peter Silveira Interfaith Breakfast

Following speakers presented their perspective on how to heal the world:

Sir Peter Silveira, Barrie City Councillor.

Mr Kaleem Ahmad Malik, Vice President Ahmadiyya Community Canada.

Mr Farhan Iqbal, Missionary Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Canada.

Lou Bergner, Vice Chairperson of the Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is  of Barrie, ON.

Judy Liss, President Am Shalom Synagogue.

Pastor Ann Kruger, Westside Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Ajmal Naushahi, President Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Barrie.

Professor Rahat Cheema.





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