Terror threat for Egypt raised amid fears of attacks on Britons

British tourists are being warned against travelling to Egypt amid fears al-Qaeda is planning to target them.

The Foreign Office yesterday raised the terror threat level for the country from “general” to the most serious category of “high”, meaning an attack is likely.

Security sources said there has been growing concern that al-Qaeda is looking to target Western tourists in the region.

Five jihadists were arrested by Egyptian police near the border with Gaza last week fuelling reports they planned to attack the Sharm el-Sheikh resort over Christmas.

They were captured with guns and rocket-propelled grenades raising the prospect of a Mumbai-style shooting massacre.

However, it is understood the threat level has been increased because of a wider fear that Britons and other Westerners could increasingly be targeted.


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  1. In Pakistan some terrorist group murdered a British Muslim convert, who was working with an NGO for the benefit of the poor!

    And … Muslims are murdered by terrorists all the time.

    Therefore, I would say the answer is No.

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