“Qadiani Issue”: 1974 – IV – The Full Historical Background-

Ahmadiyya Times: Lutf Blog: By Lutful Islam : In order to understand the motives behind Bhutto government’s decision to declare Ahmadis non-Muslims, we also need to understand the sequence of events leading to July 1974. What you will find  in this analysis is a story of treachery, hypocrisy and opportunism of politics and Mullahs.

The Elections:

Despite a temporary lull in anti-Ahmadiyya sentiments during the Ayub era, it was obvious that Jama’at Islami and other religious organizations were in no mood to let Ahmadis live in peace. 1970 was the election year and religious parties were hoping to gain power. This would be their first of many election losses to come. Both Barelvi and Deobandi conglomorates and Jamaa’t Islami could only gain 10 seats in National Assembly. Bhutto’s socialist PPP won majority in West Pakistan, mainly due help and advice from the Ahmadi leadership. Ahmadis also supported friendly candidates from other parties as well, but where it mattered the most, they voted for PPP.


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  1. Allah is the great and he knows very well that who is who and He will be punished who are involved in wrong doings.

  2. I have so far read 50% of the deliberations (urdu is not my mothr tongue). The intent was to “corner” Hazrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad(ra) and not to learn about the dinstinctive beliefs of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. For example when the Ahmadiyya delegation would leave the chamber, the Chairman, Attorney General and Clerics would talk among themselves and plan strategies to “corner” him.
    Whether it is about the kalima on a Nigerian Ahmadiyya Mosque, the status of the “Imam Mahdi” in the Muslim Ummah, the name Ahmad(saw),the arabic meaning of “Zurriyatul Baghiya”, the contextual meaning of “kuffar”, concept of “political Muslim” etc, the opponents were only in the mood of interpreting the words of the Ahmadiyya leadership in the worst possible way vis-a-vis themselves despite the various attempts of the Khalifa of the time to explain to them what the real meanings were.

    There were some nice annecdotes too. For example, the Attorney general would tell the Khalifa: “Only Prophets receive Wahy, right?” and the Khalifa would respond: “Not really…the bees do have them too…the mother of moses had ‘wahy’ too….”.
    The bottom line is that accoding to the learned divines of all sects combined you may believe in the unity of Allah and the prophethood of Mohammad(saw), the zakat, Fasts, Salat and hajj…you may belive in the pritine purity of the Holy Quran, Sunnah and Ahadiths, you may belive in the ultimate coming of the messiah and mahdi prophesized by the Holy prophet(saw), but if you have a different interpretation of the verse Khataman Nabiyeen then you are not a muslim. Unfortunately that is contrary to the definition given by the founder of Islam….as discussed in the National assembly. inna Lillahay wa inna ilahay rajeoune.

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