Brahimi seeks peace for Syria in Russia amid blame-shifting over broken truce

In an effort to bring stability amid the ongoing finger-pointing between the Syrian rebels and government over blame for disrupting a truce, UN-Arab League envoy Lakhdar Brahimi is in Moscow to meet with the Russian foreign minister.

­The main plan of action for Monday’s meeting is to discuss a political and diplomatic settlement to the crisis in Syria.

“We believe that the collective work should be carried out under the Geneva communique platform, which was agreed to at the meeting of the action groups on June 30 of this year,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Aleksander Lukashevich told the press.

Moscow has worked collectively with Chinese counterparts to bring stability and peace to Syria without outside military intervention, and has on a few occasions suggested the involvement of outside mercenaries in the conflict-torn country.

Now, analysts believe, outside forces were responsible for breaking the UN-brokered four-day truce on Eid al-Adha, the Muslim feast that began Friday.

“The backers of these extremist groups have no control over them, and since they are being supported by the out-of-control Gulf States, the United States and the NATO alliance, they want the Assad regime destroyed at any cost – and the rebels know it. So why should they honor anything?” political analyst Randy Short told RT.

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