‘Religious fragmentation based on misinterpretation leads to extremism’

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Bridging the gap amongst individuals, states by common understanding and sharing of knowledge about law, peace and religion and exploring the factors that can help in achieving the objective of global peace, says Justice Chaudhry. PHOTO: ONLINE/ FILE

LAHORE: Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry said Saturday that religious fragmentation, without understanding the true spirit and philosophy of religions, has given rise to terrorism and extremism and is affecting global peace. 

He was speaking at the “Peace through Law” International Conference in Lahore.

The chief justice said that Islam was undoubtedly a peaceful religion as were all other religions. It was the lack of understanding of the true spirit of the religions that was creating these differences.

“Islamic teachings are oriented towards achievement of peace, brotherhood and human welfare,” he said.

“I believe that like Islam, all major religions of the world carry the message of peace-making and peace-keeping,” he added.

“It is unfortunate that human kind has got fragmented into religious and ethnic sects and groups without understanding the true spirit and philosophy,” said Justice Chaudhry.

“These deep-rooted rifts have given rise to terrorism, bloodshed, extra-judicial killings, human rights violations and other evils that are perpetuating extremism and radicalism and affecting global peace,” he added.

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