Pakistani Culprits (could be) Behind Bid To Create Rift Between Sikhs And Ahmadiyas Through Denigrating Gurus

Ahmadiyya Times: Source/Credit: LINK | Canada By Link | October 13, 2012

This is only a speculative statement without any concrete facts. We hope its not true. (Editor’s note)

AMRITSAR – With a view to create rift between Sikhs and Ahmadiya Muslims, a person using fake ID on Facebook has allegedly attempted to denigrate Guru Nanak Dev and other Sikh gurus.

Spokesperson and secretary for general affairs, Sadar Anjuman Ahmadiyya, Mohammad Naseem Khan told TOI on Monday that the Ahmadiya Muslim community had taken serious note of the incriminating issue that surfaced on social website Facebook on October 6.

“A person with a fake ID has tried to besmirch Guru Nanak Dev along with other gurus with an ulterior motive to malign, drag and implicate Ahmadiya Muslim Jamat into a very embarrassing and inconvenient position,” he said.


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  1. To know Ahmadiyya view point of Baba Nanak Sahib one has to read the book “Sat Bachan” by Hazrat Mirza Ghlam Ahmad” the founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community. An Ahmadi Muslim cannot for a moment think ill about Baba Sahib. I request our Sikh brothers to read the book “Sat Bachan” before listening to the mischief makers.

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