The quiet Muslim revolution in Europe

I have found that Muslims throughout Europe are engaged in significant and sincere efforts to integrate into European society, while at the same time remaining faithful to Islam – and many are succeeding.

Haaretz: Muslims in Europe are beginning to negotiate a self-defined identity as European citizens and as Muslims, amid the noise and violence of Islamist radicals. But the process has started and Jews in Europe and around the world should, amongst others, show support.

Given the headlines in the past weeks surrounding the film “Innocence of Muslims” and the publication of caricatures of the Prophet of Islam in France, you might think that when, a few weeks ago in Paris, I presented my research on the various ways Muslims living in Europe are integrating European and Islamic principles within their identity, I would be issuing a warning about Europe’s demise by the hand of radical Islam. But I did not. In contrast to the stereotypes paraded by the mainstream media, I have found that Muslims throughout Europe are engaged in significant and sincere efforts to integrate into European society, while at the same time remaining faithful to Islam – and many are succeeding.

Throughout Europe there is an intense, dynamic and genuine intra-Islamic debate by Muslims on how to fully integrate into Europe. The debate covers different degrees of commitment to Islamic practice, from the most secular across the spectrum to the most religious. The core discussion focuses on how to retain a strong Muslim identity while remaining a loyal citizen of the state.

There are a variety of ways that Muslim intellectuals are balancing Islam-state relations in Europe

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2 replies

  1. While I appreciate the good message in the article and what Mr. Ari Varon is trying to project, there is a basic flaw in his description.
    Contrary to what Jewish people are presented, ethnically and religiously, Muslims are not a homogenous group, a particular nationality or one ethnicity. Muslim communities in the West come from 60 countries have very different background, socio-economic status, political leanings and even their degree of integration is very varied.
    By presenting Muslims as one unit, this author and many sociologist as well as politicians are lumping them together. It is wrong and dangerous because this way they are perceived by the majority societies and the media as a threatening entity. That the last thing, Muslim communities need right now.

    Bashy Quraishy
    Secretary General – EMISCO -European Muslim Initiative for Social Cohesion – Strasbourg
    Member – Advisory Board – Migration Research Centre – Hacettepe University – Ankara.Turkey
    Chair-Advisory Council-ENAR – Brussels
    Chair-Jewish Muslim Platform – Brussels

  2. Formation of a contemporary European Islamic identity might be a brain child of Mr Ari Varon and his few comrades but will not be the true replica of original Islam. To me Islam is a natural, universal and complete religion, can not be identified with contemporary European, Asian, American or African Islamic identity. Being a universal religion some of its commandments have to be understood and enacted universally and globally. Biggest problem with intellectuals is that at some point of their understanding of Islam they mix up culture, traditions and other habits of individuals with religion. Further one has to weigh where one stands spiritually when interpretating the real teachings of Islam. Even once Barnard Shaw claimed after few decades the whole Europe will embrace Islam in its changed form. To me this is what such intellectuals are trying to do in Europe and elsewhere. According to the prophecy of prophet Muhammad (pbuh) it will be Messiah and Mahdi who will correctly be interpreting the real teachings of Islam for its revival. The promised one will do it as He will be guided by Almighty God himself. In current scenario we have one claimant as Messiah and Medhi (as), the founder of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Instead developing own interpretations why not to revert back to this claimant and read what He has said about the revival of Islam in different parts of the Europe and elsewhere. His interpretation of real teachings of Islam is available on To my knowledge Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is the most effective, fast moving and trusted community which is at fore front to bring the quiet Muslim revolution in Europe and elsewhere on the planet.

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