Marsden Park mosque calls for peace, not violence

Youth director Ejaz Ahmad Rana, left, and Mirza Sharif at the Marsden Park mosque. Picture: PETER KELLY

THE Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Australia has condemned the violence by extremist Muslims and urged a peaceful response to the ant-Islamic video produced recently by an American.

The association, which runs the mosque at Marsden Park and makes a positive contribution in the community, said they were upset by the anti-Islam sentiments fanned by the film ‘The Innocence of Muslims’.

Association spokesman and external affairs Secretary Mirza Sharif said the association “requests the Australian Muslims to ‘reply a pen with a pen’.

“This the real Jihad in this age and time. You don’t reply a pen with a sword,” Mr Sharif told the Rouse Hill Times.

“It makes one think as to what is the motivation behind the such anti-Islam video and other similar attacks on the religion.

“The Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Australia also condemns the violent response witnessed in a number of countries by extremist Muslims.

“The killings of innocent people, including ambassadors and diplomats, is completely contrary to the teachings of Islam.

“In fact, damaging property or burning buildings is completely wrong and benefits no party, except those who wish to defame Islam.”

The Ahmadiyya organisation is very active in the area, running blood donation drives and clean up days.

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