A US Attack On Iran Could Cause Tens-Of-Thousands Of Civilian Casualties

Businessinsider.com: Last month a Washington D.C. think tank released a paper about what a strike on Iran’s nuclear facility could look like, and to follow it up another report predicts how many Iranian casualties would follow a U.S. led air strike.

The Ayatollah’s Nuclear Gamble written by Khosrow B. Semnani, and published by the Hinckley Institute of Politics, University of Utah and Omid for Iran concludes a strike would include four sites and irradiate up to 100,000 Iranian citizens and soldiers.

The four locations include:

  • Isfahan: The Nuclear Technology/Research Center in Esfahan (ENTC) is supposed to be the main location of the Iranian  nuclear weapons program. Semnani predicts 1,000 workers here will be killed, and up to 70,000 casualties in the surrounding areas from toxic plumes: 71,000.

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  1. I firmly believe that the world or Israel CANNOT POSSIBLY FACE ANY THREAT WHATSOEVER by the nuclear development programme of Iran for two reasons:

    1. Firstly Iran is repeatedly and emphatically saying that it is NOT developing nuclear bomb. It is again and again reiterating that its nuclear programme is solely for peaceful purposes i.e. for generating electricity. The world has witnessed what happened in Iraq. Iraq insisted again and again that it has no Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) but the world was lead to believe by the two Super Powers that according to their intelligence Iraq does have WMD. After invasion of Iraq at the cost of horrific loss of hundreds of thousands of human lives and completely and utterly ruining a very stable country and the lives of millions of its citizens WHERE ARE THOSE WMD?

    2. Even if Iran develops a nuclear bomb, what possible threat Isarael or the world can have? NONE WHATSOEVER. i) The defence system & nuclear capability of Israel is 2nd to none in the world today. It would be suicidal for Iran to even contemplate a nuclear attack on Israel. ii) USA the world Super power which backs Israel, will NOT hesitate for one moment to come on Iran with its full might. Iran is NOT STUPID that it is not aware of such consequences if it ever dares attack Israel. iii) Israel has very holy and sacred historic places of Muslims. Any nuclear attack on Israel can destroy or damage such sacred places. This will be unthinkable for any Muslim power to do.

    If Israel will carry out any pre-emotive attack it can without any trigger WW3 and it will be without any doubt based on ABSOLUTELY UNFOUNDED BASIS 1) Iran is developing nuclear bomb and 2) Iran if develops nuclear bomb it will attack Israel.

    God help the world and may God give the leaders of Isarael sense and wisdom not to carry out any pre-emotive attack on Iran. Amin.

  2. Right, Israel is just too small for the use of an atomic bomb. Jordan and Syria and Lebanon would be destroyed too, including of course Islam’s third holy place, Masjid Al-Aqsa. But, as many other nations have a nuclear weapon mainly for ‘self-esteem’ why should not Iran (or others) have one too? If Iran (and others) should not have it than all nations should give it up, including Israel.

  3. Fully agree with Rafiq A Tschannen comments and I cannot for one moment believe that Israel or the USA is not aware of these facts. If Isarael will carry out any per-emptive attack on Iran it will be wholly and utterly irresponsible act with enormous consequences. Isarael will lose all the sympathy that it enjoys now from many of its friendly nations and its image will be irreparably tarnished as the AGRESSOR. May God drum in some sense in the leaders of Isarael. Amin.

  4. America by all means should not attack Iran. Enough blood of innocent Muslims have been shed in Iraq, Afghanistan and in Wazirsitan Pakistan.
    They should fear God, for when wrath of God falls upon any Nation it is very severe.
    There is no peace in Kashmir , Palestine and in Myanmar Burma etc.
    Much blood shed has been done in Bosnia.
    Earthquakes in Pakistan, Haiti, Tsunami in Japan, floods in the world also have claimed uncountable precious lives.
    So for God’s sake no more killing plans.
    I hope and wish that the related authorities took the measures that will insure that there is no harm done to the civilians and infrastructure and plantation of the places where they want to erase extremism. Only the culprits should be specifically dealt with.
    In today’s modern world almost miraculous methods of solving any problem have been created. There should be a peaceful solution for dealing with as grave an issue as terrorism.
    Besides if a number of countries of the world have their own bombs then why not Iran?
    Who invented it first and who used it first?
    I am not in favour of an atom bomb I think, absolutely no country should have been allowed to make it or use it at all. Because when something exists it’s use can be un-avoidable. But if so many of them are already there you cannot prevent the others from it. It will be an injustice.
    Hence all the existing bombs in the world voluntarily be defused at once and their “recipes” should be burnt so that no one can make them again.
    People should voice out for hating the ideas of bombs and wars. No one should be allowed to create one. If found violating this law should be dealt by the other countries seriously.
    Instead same energy and resources should be used for the betterment of mankind, regardless of race colour and creed.
    We the humans, best of Creation will we ever learn anything form the mistakes of the past nations? What type of the world we want to gift our coming generations?
    Polluted?? Ruined? With radioactive fields to spread diseases? God forbid.Amen
    When Muslim extremists kill some people with bomb blasts they are called terrorists. This plan of attacking Iran may take lacs of human lives and yet in arsenic usage results produce crippled generations. It is like a genocidal plan.It is by no means a sane and humanly one.
    I pray that they reconsidered it and made some planes that are suitable for as just and civilised a nation, as America claims to be.
    I painfully believe that no Muslim country will ever do anything for any Sunny Muslim country let alone a A Shia Muslim country.
    They are deaf and dumb. Heartless people.
    I pray to God this does not happen again. Not only Iran but in any country in the world. No country falls in war at all.
    At times wars were fought on borders. But now it is fought in towns cities,streets . Even in one’s very own backyard and room. They can drop as a surprise anywhere. This is what was predicted as Gog Magog. Every Prophet warned his nation about its horrible calamities.

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