Ahmadiyya Muslim community holds peace conference in the wake of hate film

Editors note: Title changed. Original title states ‘Appeal for peaceful protest against the film’

Source: Jagran

Jalandhar, Punjab

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community recently organized peace conference at the Ahmadiyya mosque in Basti Danishmanda on sunday. Harnam Singh Bhooma, the head of the Damdami Taksal was the chief guest of the event. Dr. Roop Singh, Member of Parliament Partap Singh Bajwa, BJP leader Master Mohan Lal, Member of Legislative Assembly Rajinder Singh Bajwa, Chairman Trilok Singh Bath, Swami Adesh Puri who belongs to Himachal Pradesh, Ilyas Masih, Muhammad Jalaluddin Nayyar, Tanveer Ahmed Khadim and Muhammad Hamid Kausar were specially present for the conference.

During the conference, the American movie which seeks to portray Muslims in bad light was condemned. It was also appealed during the conference to protest against the movie in a peaceful manner. Ilyas Masih expressed that some nations have even published cartoons from the movie. It is being done to tarnish the image of Muslims. Sant Harnam Singh stated that religion tends to unite people, hence in reality it is a sin to malign any religion. During the occasion Nasir Ahmed Tahir, Amar, Sheikh Manan Ahmed, Autal Awwal and others were present too.

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