The Human rights case seeks equal billing for religion and atheism in schools

The National Post:

Arguing that it is “biased” for his children to be given free Gideon Bibles in class but not free atheist literature, an Ontario father is launching a human rights case that aims to drive the Gideons out of the province’s public schools.

“I don’t think 10-year-old kids should be expected to make decisions on which theological concept is correct,” said Rene Chouinard, an active secular humanist in Grimsby, Ont., and the father of two school-age children.

Since 1964, the Gideons have offered free red Bibles to Grade 5 students across Canada — provided the students have parental consent. In the Niagara Region, where Mr. Chouinard lives, this takes the form of permission slips distributed by the student’s teacher.

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