Absurd, dangerous interviews: By Kamran Shafi

Express Tribune:

The last 15 days saw three quite ludicrous, dangerous interviews aired on our TV channels, two of them on fake ‘Dr’ Amir Liaquat’s show,one with Imran Khan and the other with the so-called only-father-of-our-bums Dr AQ Khan. The third was on ARY in which Kashif Abbasi interviewed General Hamid Gul, self-same Imran Khan’s mentor and guide.

First the ‘Dr’ Amir Liaquat: This was an exercise in mutual admiration with the ‘Dr’ toadying up to and fawning on Imran and Imran waxing lyrical about how he not only won the World Cup but also beat India in India and England in England.


But back to the ‘Dr’, who is that same person after whose programme, “Aalim Online”, two innocent Pakistanis were killed in Sindh: Dr Abdul Mannan Siddiqui in Mirpurkhas on Sept 8, 2008, and on Sept 9, Seth Yousuf in Nawabshah.


On August 14, 2012, Dr AQ Khan, who exposed Pakistan to the opprobrium of the world by admitting on television that he was responsible for peddling nuclear know-how to several countries and who just very recently also accused a former Chief of Army Staff and another general of accepting bribes from North Korea through himself, also appeared on the ‘Dr’s’ show.


Dr AQ Khan also told us that Bhopal was famous for two other attributes. That it neither produced any traitors nor any Ahmadis. I ask you. And this on August 14!

Imran Khan with Dr Amir Liaquat




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