Four enduring myths about Islam

Source of Data: The Globe and Mail

Myth #1: The Muslim population in the West is growing fast and will soon become a majority in Europe – and a major presence in other parts of the world.

The facts: Muslim population in 2012, proportionate to total population

• Europe: 44 million (6 per cent)

• United States: 2.6 million (0.8 per cent)

• Canada: 940,000 (2.8 per cent)

The facts: Muslim population in 2030, proportionate to total population

• Europe (including Russia): 58 million (8 per cent )

• United States:6.2 million (1.7 per cent)

• Canada:2.7 million (6.6 per cent)


Myth #2: Islamic beliefs lead to higher birth rates.

The facts: Fertility rates across Muslim-majority countries

• 1995: 4.3 children per family

• 2010: 2.9 children per family

• 2035: 2.3 children per family

The facts: Muslim birth rates in:

• Iran: 1.7 children

• Turkey:2.15 children

• United Arab Emirates: 1.9 children

• Lebanon:1.86 children


Myth #3: Muslim immigrants are overwhelmingly guided by a religion that they regard as more an ideology than a spiritual faith.

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  1. Quoting from the Original article in Globe and Mail:

    Myth #4: Significant numbers of Muslims cheer for terrorist violence.

    The facts: Those who agree with the statement that “attacks on civilians are morally justified.”

    Muslims in France: 1%
    French natives: 2%
    Muslims in Germany: 1%
    German natives: 0.5%
    Muslims in Britain: 3%
    German natives: 2%

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