Special Group comprising Pakistan Interfaith League (PIL) and Ulema Council (APUC) to monitor proceedings of the Rimsha case

Source: The News

Islamabad: The Pakistan Interfaith League (PIL) Chairman Sajid Ishaq held a meeting with the Special Group formed to monitor the proceedings of the Rimsha Masih blasphemy case here on Wednesday afternoon.

The Special Group was formed at a joint consultative session of the Pakistan Interfaith League (PIL) and All-Pakistan Ulema Council (APUC), held here on Monday (August 27) which was co-chaired by APUC Chairman Maulana Tahirul Ashrafi and PIL Chairman Sajid Ishaq.

In the meeting, the PIL chairman stressed upon the members not to get overwhelmed or biased and said that the whole situation should be observed with a level head and cool mind. He said that members of the Special Group should keep abreast with the proceedings of the case, including the report submitted by the Medical Board appointed by the deputy commissioner of Islamabad, to ascertain the age and mental capabilities of Rimsha Masih.

The PIL chairman also went through the report submitted by the Medical Board appointed by the DC. The meeting observed that the seven-member Medical Board had clearly stated in its findings that Rimsha Masih appears to be around 14 years of age and her mental capacity was much below her age and she was uneducated.

The meeting was of the view that in the light of the medical report submitted by the seven-member Medical Board, headed by Dr Zahid Hussain, the joint executive director, and Dr. Ehsan-ul-Haq, physician, Dr. Javed Ahmed, surgeon, as its members along with Dr. Tanveer Afsar Malik, medico-legal officer, Dr. Wajid Iqbal, radiologist, Dr. Naeem Akhtar, dental surgeon, and Dr. Riffat Shaheen, gynaecologist, as the co-opted members, is enough to substantiate the assertion that Rimsha was a juvenile and as such should be tried under the relevant laws.

“However, if some wrong is noted anywhere at any stage in the proceedings of the case, then it should be immediately pointed out and all-out efforts should be made for a free, fair and unbiased investigations leading to a trial if there has to be one despite the facts,” the PIL chairman asserted.

Meanwhile, Sajid Ishaq also asserted that some immediate steps were required to appease the Christian community members, stated to be around 1,000 in number, who had been compelled to abandon their homes under the fear of a backlash from the extremists and had taken refuge with their relatives who could manage while others were still looking for a safe place to go.

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  1. This is sooooooo DAFT! In any other ‘normal’ country, there wouldn’t even be a case. How very unfortunate that this poor child (from 11 she’s now suddenly grown to be 14 after some days in a maximum security prison…!), is having to undergo such a horrific experience.

    Shame on Pakistan and it’s equally inhuman and inhumane people and laws.

    I just signed a petition by ‘Awaaz’, to free this child.

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