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Pakistani Religious Minority Leaders Criticize Minister Shah Over False Claims of Protecting Religious Freedom

02/25/2021 Pakistan (International Christian Concern) – Pakistan’s Anti-Narcotics minister, Ijaz Shah, came under fire over the weekend over outlandish comments he made during a speech delivered at the centennial of the Nankana massacre in which 260 Sikhs were murdered. The minister claimed that all religious minorities in Pakistan are respected […]

Pakistan’s Disturbing Digital Threat to Americans #AhmadiMuslims

Source: | By JIMMY QUINN Pakistani authorities have taken their campaign of religious oppression worldwide, threatening U.S.-based Ahmadi Muslims with imprisonment. NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE For decades, the government of Pakistan has relentlessly persecuted the members of the messianic Muslim Ahmadiyya sect within Pakistani borders. Although Pakistan is a Muslim-majority country, its […]


I.A. Rehman Published January 17, 2021 Young Hazara women wear blindfolds at a sit-in, the way 10 coal miners from their community were blindfolded before they were killed by militants | Habib Qasimi The haggle Prime Minister Imran Khan had before flying to Quetta to commiserate with the families of […]