” If only ” … Muslims nations could cooperate with each other in science and technology … (incl. agriculture)

” If only ” the Muslim world could concentrate in solving its own problems and coordinating with each other.

For instance: Egypt imported in 2011 an amount of 11’600’000 metric tons of Wheat, making it the largest importer of wheat in the whole world. Rising prices due to drought in the USA will greatly affect the nation.

Why was no effort made (or little effort) to increase the production of wheat in Egypt itself? The main reason was that the USA gave free wheat to Egypt in the past. This may have been ‘free’ in financial terms, but such ‘free-bees’ come with other ‘strings attached’ (as we all know). It continued to make Egypt a slave of the donor nation(s).

The topography of Egypt would permit increased production in Egypt. May be it would be difficult to produce the full shortage of wheat, however, why go and look ‘across oceans’. Right next door in Sudan we have untapped agricultural land that could definitely produce all the wheat Egypt needs, and have still scope for more exports. Egypt also has sufficient labor.

” If only ” … Muslims nations could cooperate in a constructive and positive manner. Could we not spend the oil – $ – billions, that Allah has provided to Muslim lands, in such a constructive manner ! (instead of purchasing arms to fight each other).

We pray that Allah may guide the Muslim Ummah to help each other in a positive way and reclaim the glory of the Muslim past also in the scientific field. Ameen.

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  1. This big If – is the crux of the matter. how they are going to cooperate without following one leader – A Khalifa? They only join hands when they submit and accept the Imam of the Age – The Promised Messiah.
    May Allah turn their hearts to accept the truth.

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