Who gets to be a Muslim in Pakistan?

Source: Dawn

Author: Murtaza Haider

If Muhammad Ali Jinnah were alive today only half of Pakistan would consider him a Muslim. The ethnic, sectarian, and tribal fault lines have reached such depths that the nation once founded to be the homeland of Muslims is now bickering over who gets to be called a Muslim.








The latest poll by the US-based Pew Research Center has exposed the depth of sectarian fault lines where only one in every two Sunni Muslims in Pakistan accepts Shias as Muslims. While many believed that such extreme sectarian views were held only by the fanatics lying at the margin, the Pew Center’s findings reveal that such intolerant and extremist views are in fact mainstream in Pakistan. Even Jinnah, a Shia Muslim and the founder of Pakistan, today would not have escaped the sectarian extremism in Pakistan.

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2 replies

  1. This sectarian partitions are very deep many sunny sects call others kafir and munafic with long list of bad names and abuses. This kind of language is considered very religious near every mullah. Their public speeches on these kind of sectarian war has produced some new breed of mullahs who can sing and creat a show like Jerry Sinefield.lot of people go to such religious meetings for entertainment or even to hear a sexual talk by assaulting their apponents. Present day mullah is a manager of very profitable business. Politician use them as hired gun to destroy enemies. Muslim mullah is comodoty to be sold to any body if pricioe is right. If you ever has a chance to read poisonus literatur by these mullas against their apponents believes you would think it as dirty pornographic material. Taking other groups out of Islam is their favourit hobby. Muslim mullah is uniqe animal of this age only you can see in hollywood movies like Harrypotter or Lord of the Rings.

  2. As Ibne Insha said in one of his writings, I will use my words, He said, this is the circle of Islam, at times people were admitted in it but now only expelled from it.
    What remains in the circle is only Mullah. with a stick to flog out any one trying to enter.

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