Does God Exist? William Lane Craig vs Klemens Kappel

Prof. William Lane Craig makes good arguments for existence of God in this debate as he usually does. But, as is his style, he also makes some frivolous and weak arguments for resurrection of Jesus, may peace be on him, which I have refuted in other posts and I am linking one here.  So, we learn from him when he is right and knowledgeable and ignore him where he is ignorant!

William Lane Craig makes false claims about swoon hypothesis!

Once the Triune God of Christianity is refuted, this and many of Prof. William Lane Craig’s debates become of defense of the Transcendent God of Islam and Judaism, Who is truly beyond time, space and matter.

Aside: Around 1:49 time mark Prof. William Lane Craig remarks that God is Transcendent and you cannot touch Him, see Him or feel Him.  He forgets that he believes in Jesus to be God and Thomas did touch his wounds after resurrection and countless people touched and saw him before.  The point being that Christian belief in divinity of Jesus is such an irrationality that it is impossible for even the smartest Christians to keep track of the ramifications of their Triune God in day to day dialogue.

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  1. According to the Christian doctrine Jesus is part of Triune God. At the same time they also claim that God raised Jesus from the dead. How could it be? If a third of God was lying dead, how could the rest of the two third function? If it could function well then there was no need for the remaining third. Please think about it!

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