Why should minorities suffer in Ramazan?

The Express Tribune:  Komal Ali

The holy month of  Ramazan is here once again in all its glory and our hypocrisy.

Yes, you read me right.

Come Ramazan and all of us put our pious cloaks on just like all the female anchors adorn dupattas on their heads in Ramazan, sidelining all the Bollywood numbers they shook their rears to, in their morning shows with na-mehram (men who do not have an Islamic legal relationship with the woman) guests. Haw.

The hypocrisy isn’t just evident on the television shows during the holy month; it is also further propagated by laws like Ehtram-e-Ramazan that makes eating, smoking, and drinking in public places illegal for Muslims before sunset in the reverence of Islam.

Public spaces include restaurants, canteens, bridges, lanes, and even the confines of your own house, according to a clause of the Ehtram-e-Ramazan Ordinance. Only hospital canteens – because they feed patients – and primary school canteens are exempt from this law. Ehtram-e-Ramazan law has been operational since Zia’s regime, the regime also infamous for the enforcement of discriminatory blasphemy laws.


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