Tolerance and Taboos – Why Circumcision Is Not a Crime

Source: Spiegel International

A commentary by Matthias Matussek

“It is this fundamental respect for foreign customs that we are increasingly losing.”
A German court’s outlawing of the circumcision of boys — and the vociferous support it has received in the self-proclaimed enlightened media — confirms a tendency that has seen religion-bashing and intolerance become the new cool. Respect, though, rather than supposed “common sense,” is the true basis for social progress.

By now, it’s an embarrassment to almost everyone in Germany that, in the grounds for one of its decisions, a regional court in Cologne almost off-handedly declared circumcision — a religious tradition dating back thousands of years — to be illegal. But the incident confirms a tendency toward rampant anti-religious prejudice and growing intolerance toward believers.

To be sure, the German government is rushing to re-establish peace under the law with new legislation, hoping to prevent Germany from becoming what Chancellor Angela Merkel called “a laughingstock.” But elsewhere in the world, people are shaking their heads over the fact that it’s the Germans, once again, who — as Rabbi Pinchas Goldschidt, the president of the Conference of European Rabbis, said — are trying to make it impossible for Jews to remain in their country.

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