IF YOU ASK ME IN PUBLIC, MY ANSWER WOULD BE DIFFERENT……An Egyptian scholar from Jamia Al Azhar

Alhaj Janab Moulana Abdul Kareem Sahib of Karachi had embraced Ahmadiyyat in 1914 when he was a High School student. He joined British Indian Army. Once he was transferred during his service period and was posted for some time in Egypt. Let us listen to one of his many interesting Tableeghi incidents that took place during his stay in Egypt.

Alhaj Moulana Abdul Kareem Sahib of Karachi.

While in Egypt, he narrates that a friend Ali Hassan entered Ahmadiyyat through me. Both of us used to go to other Egyptians for Tableegh. We were exchanging views with an Egyptian who was head clerk in telegraph office. He agreed with us on all issues but was reluctant on the issue of  ‘Ummati Nabi’. We gave him “Khutba e Ilhamia’ to read and did not visit him for weeks.

One day suddenly we received a letter from that Egyptian friend who had invited us on dinner. When we arrived at his residence, at once he said that he wants to become an Ahmadi. I asked him “Whether the issue of Khatme Nabuwwat has been resolved?” He replied “I  had invited a scholar  from Al Azhar University last night for  dinner at my residence. After dinner I told him that two Indian friends use to visit me and say that Hadrat Isa(as) is dead and Messiah will be an Ummati. They say that Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani is Messiah and Mahdi and I agree with them but they also say that he is Ummati Nabi too, which I do not agree. Please tell me if I am correct?”. The scholar from Al Azhar University replied, “I have read Mirza Sahib’s literature and have met Ahmadis and exchanged views with them. The kind of Nubuwwat Mirza Shaib is claiming is of such type that if thousands of such prophets are born and claim  same kind of Nubuwwat, even then Khatme Nabuwwat still remains in tact and does not come to an end”.

Hearing this reply from  the scholar of Al Azhar University, the Egyptian friend said to that scholar, “Listen! Now I am entering the fold of Ahmadiyyat and on the Day of Judgement you will be responsible for me”. The Scholar said, “I replied this to you here in private, if you ask  the same question to me in Public, I will say there cannot be any Ummati Nabi. Of course I take your responsibility to enter Jammate Ahmaddiya. But for me there are some hindrances and the main one is that if I accept Ahmadiiyat, I will be terminated from my Job”.

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  1. Masha’Allah. That is the is absolute truth. These Ulema with double standards stand answerable before God.
    Thank you for a very needed and informative post. May god Bless you.Amen

    May Allah enable the people to understand it. Amen

  2. wow ,that’s really sad, I think that some of these kinds of ulemaa still exist today, their temporarely measely worldly gains are more important to them than the long term hearafter gains. may allah give them courage to change course on to the right path , that’s really ,really sad

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